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Scientific Projects

Massive Data Management, Analysis and Exploration - MADAX

The main goal of the MADAX project is to devise, study, implement and experimentally validate techniques for efficient management and analysis of massives semi-structured data sets, with a (...)

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Prefence modeling and multi-criteria decision aiding

Pôle 1 Decision Aiding
The aim of the research project is to develop and study methods and models of preference used for decision aiding. It includes aspects of various natures: theoretical (...)

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Multi-criteria combinatorial optimisation

A number of combinatorial optimisation problems require consideration of multiple criteria. Therefore, an important preliminary step consists in determining the set of efficient solutions (...)

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The Web Services research group aims at developing fundamental concepts and techniques for services computing, business processes management and business intelligence.
The main research (...)

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Policy analytics

The starting point of this project is the observation that decision-aiding for public policies is an object of investigation in itself, and that it displays some specificities that differ from (...)

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Machine learning

Machine learning is at the crossing of computer science, statistics and applied mathematics. Its goal to build automated decision models from the date. In this era of « Big Data », information is (...)

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